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The island venue of Lythos chosen by Georgia and Giannis for the special day of his wedding, gave a unique experience to his guests in the beautiful Rhodes! The protagonist of the big day was more beautiful than ever, choosing a long-sleeved wedding dress with open back and special embroidery, as well as silver crowns by Laka Luka. In a picturesque chapel with a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea, her lover promised to accompany her every step of the way and their outdoor wedding ceremony was truly so romantic… After their first kiss as a couple under the impressive circular arch in the courtyard of the church, the two were transported to their wedding reception to welcome friends and relatives. The natural beauty of the reception area with the characteristic cobblestones, the beautiful bougainvilleas matched perfectly with the bohemian style of decoration chosen by the couple, with the wonderful bouquets of pampas grass, roses and eucalyptus dominating in every corner. The mood of the couple was extremely romantic and their happiness floods the space with the entrance to their wedding party, while the fun that followed and the tender moments under the starry sky are highlights of this beautiful day!