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Baptism & Baby Showers

A baptism is a celebration to welcome a new baby into the family’s faith and tradition. It is our honour to make this special moment an unforgettable experience for your family and the people you love.

What we offer


For us the concept of a baptism/christening event means joy, amusement and playtime. An ideal theme for any baptism party is one that complements the central cause for celebration: the baby being baptized! There are plenty of adorable ideas and themes to choose.


Baptism can be performed in all Greek churches, but not in all monasteries. The baptism in Greece implies that the priest blesses the water in the font adding the oil in it, and the baby is dipped three times into the font. During a baptism, the baby is anointed with oil and should not take a bath for 3 days, and after that period, the godfather comes into baby`s home and gives the child a ritual bath.


Part of our job is to coordinate everything involved on the day of the event, from load-in and load-out to ensuring that everyone is on schedule. Together we develop the main concept based on which we carry out the whole baptism decoration. It could be a colour, an idea or anything that your little one already loves.

Our Services

Dealing with All the Local Suppliers

Supervising Communication Between All Service Suppliers

On-site Coordination of Prep, Set Up, Ceremony, Rec & Breakdown

Set Up of Any Ceremony & Reception Décor

Distribution of All Final Payments & Gratuities

Coordinating Everything & Everyone on The Day of The Event

Join Us As We Prepare For A Special Event

Baptism Management & Planning

We take the time to listen and understand what you envision for your baby’s baptism. We work with you step by step throughout the entire design and planning process so that every detail of the concept and design is exactly what you wish for.

Propose the Baptism Style, Theme

Organizing Step by Step The Event

Creating Mood Boards & Themes

Vendor Selection & Ordering

Catering Food Selections

Beverages & Drinks Services

Candy Bar & Sweets

Music & Professional Lighting

Photography & Videography

Finalizing the Details

Entertainment & Shows


Bonbonnieres and Favors

Purchasing of Paper Goods


Welcome With Us Your Baby Into The World

Food & Beverages

What food you serve also depends on the time of day, but another deciding factor when it comes to the difference between a sit down meal and a buffet. It’s important to consider your guests dietary requirements and allow them to control their portion sizes to make everyone happy. We specialise in buffet catering which meets every guests needs and allows you to offer a great selection of options. We can offer signature cocktails, welcome local drinks, wine or refreshments and we have the advice and inspiration you need to choose the best offerings for your big day!


Custom candy bar is an ideal way to celebrate your baby’s day for the baptism with delicious cookies, cupcakes, candies, shotguns, cool lemonade that little ones will love. We always put a book of wishes so the guests can write sweet wishes to the baby and also enjoy themselves with some candies. In the case of the baby shower or the gender reveal, which is a celebration dedicated to the expectant mother and the new baby, it is an opportunity to decorate the candy bar with sweets, wishes, games and gifts for the baby.

Favors or Bomboniere

In Greece they are called Bomboniere and inside them, you can find sugar-coated almonds or other sweet treats! There are millions of different ideas to choose from, depending on your baby’s personality and the season. Giving your special guests baptism favors, is a common expression of affirming and extending your faith and thanksgiving to family and friends.

Stationery & Invitations

Welcome your little one into the faith with baptism invitations. Choose from thousands of elegant and unique designs or create your very own design. Your christening invitation can be themed and combined with your decoration. We will be also responsible for menu cards, seat labels, thank you cards, welcome signs etc.

Sound &

Baptism is the first important moment of joy for you and your child after his birth! This should definitely be combined with a lot of fun and dancing! We offer the highest level of professional services of lighting, sound and music for your event. Do you want to add a special sparkle to the day Fireworks, ground flames or fountains, candles, curtain fairy lights, photobooth and balloon compositions.

Photographer & Videographer

The baptism photography is a special and unique experience for the little ones. Keep every moment of the mystery through pictures of this magic day. We can offer you the best and most amazing photography and videography for your baby’s baptism. The way our team approach it requires a lot of shots to take some good spontaneous photos.


Professional animator, clowns and magicians who will offer the young protagonists of the celebration hours of joy and creative activity. A magician is a great option – they specialize in holding children’s attention for long periods of time, and you can segment off an area of your venue that’s just for them. This gives the grownups time to mingle without any distractions, and gives the kids something fun to do to keep them occupied.

Be Blessed In Your Journey

Baptism In Greece

For organizing the sacrament of Baptism in Greece, it is necessary to provide the legal documents and to follow the steps below

Christening Requirements

1. A Valid passport or ID for the child.
2. A Valid passport or ID for both parents.
3. Original Full Length Birth Certificate for child which should include:
-child’s name & surname
-father’s / mother’s name & surname , mother’s maiden name
4. If he/she child has Greek citizenship he/she needs certificate by their special Greek registry.
5. Wedding certificate of parents.


1. The Godfather must be baptized as Orthodox (needs certificate).
2. After the Christening, you should declare the Christening to your special Greek registry.
3. If one of the parents is a different religion than orthodox, he/she should fill a Statutory Declaration with his original signature, declaring that he/she consents to the Orthodox baptism of his/her child.


• Any foreign legal documents which are to be used in Greece must be officially legalized with the Hague Convention Apostille. Apostille is a stamp, certifying that this document is original and legal.
• If your country has signed the 1961 Hague Convention, then you can have Apostille stamps on your documents. If your country has not signed the 1961 Hague Convention, then you can verify all legal documents with Foreign Ministry or Greek Embassy.

Registration Of The Baptism

A baptism may also be registered at the Greek Registrar of the municipality where the Baptism took place. The baptism may be declared at the Special Civic Registry a) by the parents b) by the interested person itself, if he/she is 14 years of age c) by a third degree relative d) by the godparent, e) by a duly authorized third party or lawyer; by means of a notarized Special Power of Attorney1 f) by any person who has a legitimate interest.